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Shanghai: “appliances to the countryside,” sold a million units in March – induction cooke

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Earning devices

“Because April 21 this year, has actually been formally introduced, earning devices under the National Details Administration System data, since July 1, Shanghai, a total amount of


“Appliances to the countryside” items 14 052 units, the quantity of 30.341 million yuan in sales. Through the “home devices to the countryside”, urban area suburban areas device possession in rural homes and metropolitan homes is slowly coming close to.

According to requirements, the Shanghai “home appliances to the province” products, including




(Consisting of freezers),

Cleaning device



, Computer systems,

Air conditioning

, Water heaters, microwave stoves,


Other nine categories of products, each product has an optimal proposal limitation. Amongst them, the TV 3,500 yuan, 2,500 yuan fridges, washing devices, 2,000 yuan, 1,000 yuan mobile phone, pc 3,500 yuan, 4,000 yuan cooling, water heating systems, 4,000 yuan, 1,000 yuan microwave oven, induction stove 600.

“Home appliances to the province” 3 months, baseding on sales order, fridge sales up, total sales of 5,973 units, sales of 12.1217 thousand yuan; followed by adhered to by the computer, the advancing sales of 3,297 devices, sales totaled up to 10.7583 million yuan; 2282 color Television Set, the increasing sales of 3.4121 million yuan; Cooling 889 systems, overall 2.2882 million yuan; washing device 890 collections, complete 1.4164 million yuan; phone 699, overall 321,800 yuan; water heating unit 19 units total 21,400 yuan; Cooker 3 Taiwan, total 987 yuan; microwave sales of zero.

Sub counties of sight, the 19 regions in Chongming Region, sales of 5705 units, making up 40.5 % of complete sales, placing initially in the region; complied with Changning District, Jiading District, and all type of residence device sales were 1747 systems and 1097 units, respectively, making up 12.4 % and 7.8 %.

According to Shanghai “devices to the countryside” items sales for an initial analysis of the entire, Shanghai’s rural personality and rural usage are usual component of the customer, but as the nation’s large urban areas, the intake framework of its residence devices and other components of the nation market is various.

Particularly in the means of life, customer routines and investing energy, the Shanghai province now maintained a very high degree throughout the rural areas. From the sales viewpoint, the fridge in the home devices to the province the most well-liked items. From the sales point of view, Shanghai “devices to the province,” the fridge, the typical cost of 2029 yuan, which reveals the rural customers top quality, large-capacity refrigerators have a specific price index of reputation.

Second, the pc warm shows the necessities of the rural consumer market Shanghai higher level. In Shanghai, “house devices to the countryside” while offering computer system items, 2nd only to refrigerators, somewhat show the rural consumer market in Shanghai need levels in advance of various other regions.

In Shanghai, “residence devices to the province”, the stove and microwave are “chilly”, while reflecting an effective item is not marketable, it likewise mirrors the rural locals of Shanghai’s middle and low bid microwave, small home appliance product need.

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