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Choosing The Right Type Of Spice Jars

If you are thinking about re-organizing your spice cabinet and buying new spice jars you will want to first of all decide how you are going to organize your spices before you go ahead and buy new jars. Many people simply keep their spices in the same jars that they buy them in. This may work if you do not have a large spice collection, but once you do start to get a lot of spices it can be very difficult to keep track of them if you have different jars and tins but spices. It also does not look very neat and organized.

There are several different types of spice jars you can buy. Glass spice jars are very convenient and easy to use. The great thing about using glass jars is that it is very easy to see at a glance what is inside the jar. It also makes it very simple to tell when your spice supplies are getting low. You can buy glass jars with different tops. Some have screw lids, others have lids that flip up so you can shake the spice out and you can also find glass jars with lids that are sealed so that they are airtight.

If you have a fairly modern kitchen, or you have stainless steel appliances you may want to take a look at the stainless steel spice jars. They do look very neat and tidy and in some respects it is good not to be able to see what is inside the jars as at least everything looks very uniform. Labels can make a bit of a mess when put on stainless steel though and you can scratch the steel if you try to take the label off or replace it. I still personally prefer to be able to look into the jar and see what is inside. I noticed that there were stainless steel spice jars with a glass top. These are great because you can still see what is inside when you look through the lid, yet from a distance they are all very uniform and neat and tidy.

Ceramic spice jars are another option. They are often quite a bit bigger and bulkier than either glass or stainless steel spice jars. They also tend to chip and will break fairly easily. They would be good if you wanted to use them as part of your kitchen decor as you could color coordinate them with the rest of your kitchen accessories.

Plastic spice jars are also readily available. It is hard to find ones that look good and they also tend to absorb odor and become stained therefore you could not switch around the spices between different plastic jars very easily.

Over all it seems that glass spice jars are the best to use. You do need to keep your spices in a dry dark place so that they stay fresh and usable for as long as possible. Keeping them organized in similar styled spice jars will go a long way to helping your kitchen stay organized.

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